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For some time now I've been creating photo albums for each project so that the customer can see what's being done and how their project is progressing. Here are a few samples:
Cam's Eldo:
V50 III:
Eric's SP:
Neil's Eldo:
V7 Sport restoration:

British & European Classic Motorcycle Day: Moto Guzzi is the featured marque for 2011.

Zydeco Racing: the place to send your Guzzi transmission and rear drive for rebuilding. Nobody else even comes close:

Greg Bender's excellent website with more Guzzi info. than you'll likely find anywhere else on the 'net:

Looking to buy an excellent old Guzzi "Loopframe" like you see here on my site? Already have one and have bunches of questions? Looking for like-minded riders? Well, here's the place for you!:

Have a Guzzi, do your own repairs and are looking for the best source of parts? Look no further:

You've noticed those VW Westfalia camper vans in some of my photos, eh? My brother Karl is the VW Vanagon guru. Check out his engine conversions, heaters, starter adapters and more here: